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Founded in 2016, Heart to Heart Catering was created to bring farm to table cuisine curated just for you! Our co-owners, Tom & Mary Ellen Elkhay’s beautiful love story & life challenges, inspired the company’s name. Tom & Mary Ellen met while both working at a Tapas Restaurant in Rhode Island. Soon after, they were engaged and moved to Dallas, where both of them continued in their culinary careers amongst some of the most notable restaurants and chefs in DFW. Losing their son shortly after birth and Mary Ellen surviving at stroke, led to what a more meaningful name than Heart to Heart. We pride ourselves in being a love-based company … from our Heart to Yours.



After my years with Norman Brinker/Mark Hall, I became the private and Corporate Chef for Glenn Solomon who resurrected “D Magazine” and started a Private Chef services called Dining In. Our clients included the owners of Riddell Corporation and VP’s of the Dallas Stars, to name a few. After the company was sold, I started restaurant consulting and helped clients like Cheddar’s redo their menus. At that time, I took over as General Manager of Zodiac, the quintessential restaurant at Neiman Marcus Ft Worth and helped return the restaurant to its former glory with impeccable service and stunning food.

And now as Executive Chef of my own catering company, I am passionate about creating great food and menus for many clients, while at the same time, serving up the most delicious and classically created food … no matter the size event or budget.



My career in food preparation started in high school working at an upscale, Chef prepared, to go store in Dallas. It was there I developed my love for food. Wishing to continue my pursuit in food service, I spent great years at the esteemed culinary school at Johnson and Whales University in Providence, RI. Thus, securing my degree in hotel restaurant management. Too gain immediate experience, I continued my career working in a very busy establishment as line chef at the popular In Prov, an upscale Tapas, rotisserie bar located in downtown Providence. It was there I met Tom who was the Sous Chef. He trained me to excel in producing exciting beautiful food. After graduation, I moved back to Dallas and started working at Cafe Pacific in Highland Park and worked with a talented European chef to help round out my training. After several years, I moved on to manage the busy cafe in the Tramell Crow center in downtown Dallas which was run by the owner of the Grape restaurant. I then worked with Marc Hall in helping him manage his Snider plaza restaurants. Since then I have been involved in teaching personal training and Pilates and helping Tom with our catering business. I look forward to working with you to serve the best food available to you in the DFW area.





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